By: Scott RossPublished: October 4, 2022

AC Green

Merriam-Webster defines the term "iron man" as "a man of unusual physical endurance." And so "iron" or "iron man" is a term typically conferred upon a male athlete who plays an unusually high number of games consecutively. Lou Gehrig, who for decades haled the Major League Baseball record for consecutive games played, was known as "The Iron Horse."

Similarly, AC Green, who spent most of his NBA career with the Los Angeles Lakers, with whom he won three titles, was known as "The Iron Man," because from November 19, 1986, until the final game of his career, on April 18, 2001, Green appeared in every single one of his team's games, 1,192 in all, outpacing previous NBA iron man Randy Smith by 286 games.

But it was on October 4, 1963 that Green embarked on the greatest streak of unusual physical endurance of his life. From the day of his birth, until April 19, 2002, a span of 14,076 days, Green abstained from sexual intercourse. I mean, we're assuming that was the day the streak ended, because the man got married on April 20, 2002.

Look, I don't know how much you know about the culture of sex surrounding the NBA, but that kind of discipline is mind-boggling. Happy birthday, AC.

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