By: Yael Bar turPublished: July 13, 2022

ASK A JEW (28): Revenge of the Rabbi

Rabbi Aba Perlmutter is back! He wanted to talk about laughter, but being the serious pundits that we are, we went straight to abortions. The orthodox take might surprise you.

We also get some spiritual guidance on:

  • How not to hate our fellow man (even though they can be really annoying)
  • Why we should hold the center and love our country
  • Why we don’t need a Jewish president (or king) and Chaya Leah’s royal aspirations
  • What the rabbi thinks about Meghan and Harry
  • The Jewish view on divorce, the importance of shame, and John Travolta
  • Online communities vs. IRL communities
  • Night terrors
  • The praying football coach,
  • Muslim and Jewish privilege
  • And how to fix your life (don't worry, he won't tell you to become orthodox).

Also, if you want to know the secret to a happy marriage, you’re going to get through a story about Carson Daly.

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Our next guest is Lenore Skenazy, founder of Free Range Kids and America's Worst Mom, according to the biased media.

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