By: Chaya Leah Sufrin & Yael Bar turPublished: August 24, 2022

ASK A JEW (33): Moishe the Grouch

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It's a back to school special! Today we talk about the trauma inflicted by Sesame Street (spanning continents and age groups), Chaya Leah's business idea for a fat-person only gym, the holy site to all religions that is Target, and some podcast recommendations that will make you smarter. Plus, did Covid kill swinging? Also, what is swinging?

At some point of course we get serious (not too serious, but a little) and talk about how Yael's relationship to Judaism has changed since meeting Chaya Leah, why seculars feel embarrassed by religious Jews, and why hugging is amazing even though the torah doesn't like it when y'all touch each other.

Book recommendation:

The Source

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