By: Matt WelchPublished: August 11, 2022

Field of Welfare (Audio)

Is there a single movie more tied up with lousy government policy than Field of Dreams?

Some people watch the Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams and get all hurgledly-gurgledly, all those gauzy shots and Ray Liotta (RIP) appearing from the cornfield...

Others see some sentimental drek and what it's disgorged since its 1989, including "overlapping governmental shovelings into the heartland sinkhole."

So writes Matt Welch for Reason, in "Field of Welfare: How COVID Funds Might Build a Money-Losing Ballpark in a Cornfield," which opens:

As Major League Baseball on Thursday takes to a remote Iowa cornfield for its second annual Field of Dreams game in commemoration of the nostalgic 1989 Kevin Costner film, it's worth reflecting that at least five different governments are cobbling together a deal to spend a combined $45 million in taxpayer money on a proposed 3,000-capacity stadium to be built on the site of the movie and game.

And, if politicians get their way, the finishing touches on the financing will come from the federal government's coronavirus relief fund....

Read the full piece here, watch the movie if you must (bonus points if you recognize the child star and can name what other sports-related entertainment she recently appeared in...), and listen to Matt read his piece...

And listen to further disgorgements on Field of Dreams on a recent episode of Gutting the Sacred Cow

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