By: Nancy RommelmannPublished: September 1, 2022

"Killed" Podcast Presents: The Killer

A novice journalist tags along to meet John Wayne Gacy one week before his execution

For every story that runs, countless others are killed before anyone gets the chance to read them. KILLED reveals the true stories behind reporting that was once considered too dangerous, too fringe, too…SOMETHING…by the media.

One of these stories involved the serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

In 1994, journalist Nancy Rommelmann accompanied Rick Gaez, a 26-year-old pen pal of Gacy, on a road trip from Los Angeles to Illinois, to visit the serial killer before his execution. Along the way, she took the moral temperature of people on college campuses, in bars, in churches, asking how they felt about Gacy and his being sentenced to death, for the torture and murder of 33 young men and teenage boys.

It was Rommelmann's first feature - and it was killed.

In episode 3 of KILLED, Rommelmann explains how she came to do the story, what it was like meeting Gacy, and how the story was eventually published.

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