By: Nancy RommelmannPublished: March 31, 2022

The War at Home: "I am scared to tell people where I am from."

"It's Possible to Care About Two Things at Once." (Reason TV)

"America is an assimilation machine. It's something that we should do more of because we're really good at it!" Matt Welch told John Stossel, during a Reason TV interview, "Let Ukrainian Refugees In." As for the threadbare excuse given by Republicans (and others), "Why should we care about Ukraine when we have a crisis on our border?" Welch gives the only right answer: "It's possible to care about two things at once."

--- Yesterday at a nail and eyelash salon in midtown Manhattan

You want to make next appointment?

I can't. I travel for work and I'm not sure when I'll be here.


Where are you from?

[Pause.] Russia.

I was just in Ukraine.

Where were you? The west?

Yes, Lviv. It was not very bad, not dangerous when I was there.

Yes but it’s terrible. I am telling my father this, that it's very bad, and he's saying, yes well, we have to because of Nazis.

He’s in Russia?


Russians living in Lviv told me the same thing, that they're calling home to tell their families what's really going onand their families are denying it.

They don't believe it. Here, my friend is Ukrainian, her mother is in that city that's being bombed right now...

Mariupol? Kharkiv?

Kharkiv. Her mother is basically living in a tree house. My friend in Russia, her husband has to go and fight, for this stupid reason. And they have to go because they have to do service. They have no choice.

Can they even understand what they are doing there? The Ukrainians know why they're fighting, they're fighting for their lives and their country.

And in Russia you know what they are complaining about? That Russian soldiers are being tortured. I tell them, in any other country? They would be tearing the soldiers apart. [Pause.] I am scared to tell people where I am from.

None of the Ukrainians I met were angry with the Russian people, they were angry with Putin. One told me that he'd rather die than live under Russian rule.

Yes... The uselessness of all this.

Yes. I want to go back. I'm a journalist.


I'll make an appointment when I know I'll be here.

Okay... wait! [Holds something up.] You want eyelash brush?

--- Hacktivists Try to Overthrow Belarus (Vice)

---Want to help get protective gear to soldiers fighting in Ukraine? Here's how (and a post with a little more about it):

The Ukrainian American Coordinating Council is "procuring and shipping helmets and body armor to Ukraine in bulk quantities." You can see on the site exactly what they are sending, and donate via PayPal, credit card or wire transfer. Click here for details and to make a donation.

The National Bank of Ukraine opened a special account at the start of the war to raise funds for Ukraine’s armed forces. Donations are accepted by Google Pay and credit card. Click here for details and to donate directly.

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