By: Nancy Rommelmann & Sarah HepolaPublished: September 14, 2022

When Do-Gooders Do Bad Things

Overzealous attempts at social justice lead to tragic results in Portland and at Oberlin College. Plus: The Emmys' shiver-inducing moment, a troubled musical genius, and the mysteries of cats

Nancy’s reporting from Portland, where tragedy struck after a man accused of domestic abuse was bailed out by an activist organization. Sarah’s reporting from her couch, where the Emmys forced her to sit through a women-pooping commercial not once but three times. They discuss the glory of Sheryl Lee Ralph bursting into song and how Jimmy Kimmel’s gag went wrong. Is “White Lotus” worth watching? Did everyone but Sarah know that Matthew McFayden, aka Tom on “Succession,” was British? And can Ricky Gervais just host all future award ceremonies, please?

We turn to the dust-up at Oberlin College, where an altercation at a beloved local bakery exploded into accusations of racial profiling and protests that cratered a family business. The resulting court case led to a $36 million fine for the college, which has not paid a dime — until now. We wonder if cases like this will make administrators think twice before jumping into the fray, and we notice how enclaves of privilege often protest the loudest about other people’s privilege.

In the hot box this week: Nancy praises the genius who made “Pet Sounds,” while Sarah tries to decode the sounds of her pet.

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